"Spiritual Rebirth" Program
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                  "Spiritual Rebirth" Program

                  The spiritual rebirth of the Diaspora Jews is one of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC) missions. A Rabbi Council has been established in the EAJC structure to carry out this mission. It provides recommendations for current decisions of the EAJC leadership. The EAJC Council of Rabbis is on friendly terms with the oldest union of a. Jewish spiritual leaders – the Conference of European Rabbis.

                  EAJC President Alexander Mashkevich and his colleagues donate funds generously to the building of new and the reconstruction of old synagogues in different countries of the former USSR. Torah Scrolls ordered by the EAJC leader were introduced into synagogues of Georgia, Bulgaria, Israel, Republic of South Africa, Japan, and other countries.

                  The President of the Congress manifests EAJC ideas of developing dialogue with other faiths by financing the building of Christian and Muslim temples. Five mosques and five Orthodox churches were erected with his aid. For his long-standing contribution to inter-ethnic and interfaith dialogue, and for his aid to the erection of a temple in the Kazakhstan city of Aktobe, Alexander Mashkevich was decorated with the church Order of Blessed Sergiy Radonezshky, at the discretion of Patriarch Alexius II.

                  The EAJC and its leader support religious programs in different Israeli educational institutions. The famous spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef published an edition of his works with the aid of Alexander Mashkevich, a book that was sorely needed by his many students.

                  In thanks for freeing the tomb of the Bratslav Hasidism founder, Rabbi Nachman, from many years of debt and conflict, the followers of Rabbi Nachman offered Alexander Mashkevich to lead their international celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the great Jewish teacher.