The second appeal of the Ukrainian Jews to the civil society of Ukraine
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                  The second appeal of the Ukrainian Jews to the civil society of Ukraine

                  The second appeal of the Ukrainian Jews to the civil society of Ukraine


                  Dear friends and colleagues,

                  This year, the media published a lot of materials in support of the Ukrainian project for the comprehensive memorialization of Babi Yar, and no fewer materials criticizing the Russian memorialization project. This huge stream also includes our modest contribution. In August-September, we did a great job with you - we created, signed and published the Appeal of Ukrainian Jews to the civil society of Ukraine regarding the problems that have developed in recent years around Babi Yar. Many public organizations and civil society activists responded to our call. Various letters and appeals collected about one and a half thousand signatures in support of our position.

                  Unfortunately, this was not enough. The leaders of the Russian project for the memorialization of Babi Yar, cynically violating the universal norms of attitude towards the memory of people buried in Jewish and other cemeteries, at places of mass graves, violating Ukrainian legislation and international treaties of Ukraine, continue their aggressive policy of invasion of Babi Yar. At the end of September, they created and presented a temporary installation, despite our protests, on the grounds of the former Jewish cemetery in Babi Yar.

                  Impunity inspires, and now they are trying to build a temporary memorial synagogue behind the Menorah monument on the grounds of the Kirillovsky Orthodox cemetery. A more cynical and provocative plan is impossible to imagine. Every year I am growing more and more convinced that Russian billionaires (Fridman, Khan, and Fuchs) are more interested in provoking indignation and protests from Ukrainian civil society in order to impose another propaganda lie about Ukraine's "terrible anti-Semitism" on the world, than actually building a memorial.

                  We, the Ukrainian Jews, wherever we live, in my deep conviction, must prevent this disgusting provocation.

                  Our associates in Israel, on the initiative of a prisoner of Zion, a participant in the "Leningrad affair" (1970), Rabbi Yosef Mendelevich, created the "Initiative group of Israelis for the preservation of the sanctity of burials at Babi Yar." They have already written a letter to the Chief Rabbi of Israel, David Lau, asking him to stop the construction on the grounds of the Jewish cemetery. After the end of Shabbat, a meeting of the Israeli initiative group took place, dedicated to a new aggravation by the leadership of the Russian project - an attempt to build a temporary memorial synagogue on the ground of the Orthodox Kirillovsky cemetery in Babi Yar.

                  In connection with the events mentioned, we, the Ukrainian Jews, once again appeal to the civil society of Ukraine to prevent the desecration of the memory of the victims of Babi Yar.

                  In your responses to this letter, I ask you to inform us if you also allow your name, surname, and country of residence to be added to this Appeal.

                  Respectfully, take care,

                  Josef Zissels (Kyiv, December 23, 2020)

                  The second appeal of Ukrainian Jews to the civil society of Ukraine.

                  We, the Ukrainian Jews, like many Jews from different countries, certainly support the idea of ​​perpetuating the memory of tens of thousands of Jews and people of other ethnicities and denominations killed by the Nazis in Babi Yar during the Second World War. The best representatives of our and other peoples have fought for this for many years. But we do care who and at what cost will bring this idea to life. We consider as impossible and unacceptable any solution that provides for the construction on the grounds of cemeteries and places of mass graves - this is absolutely contrary to Jewish and universal human tradition and morality. Therefore, we support the Ukrainian project for the comprehensive memorialization of Babi Yar, which does not imply any fundamental construction on the land where the Orthodox, Jewish, Karaite, Muslim cemeteries were located, and where the remains of tens of thousands of victims of Nazi executioners were buried.

                  That is why we were outraged by the plans of the initiators of the Russian project of the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Center (BYHMC) to build the so-called temporary memorial synagogue on the territory of the former Kirillovsky Orthodox cemetery in the Babi Yar tract, right behind the Menorah monument.

                  This is not the first attempt by the leadership of the Russian project - it is cynical and unacceptable for religious Jews, as well as for believers of all denominations, and in general, for normal, decent people, to use the territory of the cemeteries and the Babi Yar reserve to promote their provocative ideas and PR actions. Let us recall the aesthetically dubious art installation dedicated to the anniversary of the start of the shootings in Babi Yar and installed in September this year, despite public protests, directly on the ground of the destroyed Jewish cemetery.

                  It is at this place that the initiators of the BYHMC promise to build a giant memorial-museum complex, in violation of all possible prohibitions and restrictions of the Jewish religion, as well as Ukrainian legislation and Ukraine's international obligations. Jewish religious tradition explicitly prohibits any construction on the grounds of cemeteries and mass graves. An attempt to build a synagogue on the land of the Orthodox cemetery is an insult to Jewish spiritual and moral values, as well as an open provocation against Orthodox believers, against everyone whose relatives and friends are buried in the Kirillovsky cemetery.

                  Impunity is inspiring. It seems that the Russian billionaires who sponsor the project (Fridman, Khan, and Fuchs) are more interested in provoking public outrage against its creation than in the construction of the memorial. The purpose of such provocations is to disrupt the interfaith and interethnic peace in Ukraine, and to declare those who oppose such blasphemous construction to the whole world as “terrible Ukrainian anti-Semites”.

                  People who declare themselves zealous for the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, even more than others, should not dare to desecrate graves - neither the places where the victims of the Nazis died as martyrs, nor the territory of the cemeteries destroyed by the Soviet regime.

                  A decent person cannot, has no right to come to terms with such a sacrilege.

                  We ask those who share our position and concerns to support this Appeal.

                  Please let us know if you also allow us to add your first name, last name, and country of residence to this Appeal. You can leave your responses in the comments on FB.

                  Victor Alexandrov (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Alekseenko (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Alkhimova (Ukraine)
                  Musa Albolbol Muntaser (Syria-Ukraine)
                  Valeria Andrievska (Ukraine)
                  Valeriy Andronichuk (Slovakia)
                  Olga Anisimova (Ukraine)
                  Oksana Antoshchenko (Ukraine)
                  Inna Achkasova (Ukraine)
                  Oleksandra Babenko (Ukraine)
                  Victoria Babiy (Ukraine)
                  Anatoliy Babkov (Ukraine)
                  Iryna Bagniuk (Ukraine)
                  Lydia Bagryantseva (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Bakchevnikova (Ukraine)
                  Alina Baranovska (Ukraine)
                  Myroslava Barchuk (Ukraine)
                  Julia Batkilina (Ukraine)
                  Ksenia Bakhlukova (Ukraine)
                  Vyacheslav Bashta (Ukraine)
                  Bogdan Bezrukov (Ukraine)
                  Natalka Belotserkovets (Ukraine)
                  Angela Belyak (Ukraine)
                  Julia Bentya (Ukraine)
                  Yaryna Bessonova (Ukraine)
                  Sergey Belyaev (Ukraine)
                  Zoryana Bilyk (Ukraine)
                  Oleg Bilyk (Ukraine)
                  Olga Bogdan (Poland)
                  Iryna Bozhko (Ukraine)
                  Iryna Boyko (Ukraine)
                  Irina Boyko (Israel)
                  Olga Boyko (Ukraine)
                  Bohdan Boyko (Ukraine)
                  Dmytro Boychenko (Ukraine)
                  Iryna Boychuk (Ukraine)
                  Petro Bokanov
                  Kateryna Bondarenko (Ukraine)
                  Gennady Boryak (Ukraine)
                  Oksana Bochko (Ukraine)
                  Iryna Brzhozovska (Ukraine)
                  Oleksiy Budnik (Ukraine)
                  Svetlana Bura (Ukraine)
                  Antonina Varenyk (Ukraine)
                  Vladimir Vasiliev (Ukraine)
                  Larisa Vasilieva (Ukraine)
                  Olga Vashchevskaya (Ukraine)
                  Mykhailo Velykoklad (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Velbovets (Ukraine)
                  Iryna Veshtak-Ostromenska (Ukraine)
                  Alla Vyshneva (Ukraine)
                  Nirmal Vishevnyk (Ukraine)
                  Mykola Vlaschuk (Ukraine)
                  Mikhail Volokhai (Poland)
                  Nestor Volia (Ukraine)
                  Olexiy Voronets (Ukraine)
                  Tatiana Voropaeva (Ukraine)
                  Vitaliy Haidukevich (Ukraine)
                  Tamara Galagan (Ukraine)
                  Lyudmila Gararuk (Ukraine)
                  Olga Geiko (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Gilko (Ukraine)
                  Varvara Golovatyuk (Ukraine)
                  Elena Golub (Ukraine)
                  Nina Golubeva (Ukraine)
                  Yuriy Honcharenko (Ukraine)
                  Olga Gritsenko (Ukraine)
                  Vladimir Grishchenko (Ukraine)
                  Olga Grudzinska (Ukraine)
                  Vladislav Grushko (Ukraine)
                  Zinovy Husar (Ukraine)
                  Oksana Humenna (Ukraine)
                  Vadim Gutorov (Ukraine)
                  Maria Danilko (Ukraine)
                  Elena Dankina (Ukraine)
                  Dmytro Darchuk (Ukraine)
                  Alexander Demchenko (Ukraine)
                  Alexander Demchuk (Ukraine)
                  Nariman Jelal (Ukraine)
                  Lyudmila Dzhulay (Ukraine)
                  Yuriy Dzhulay (Ukraine)
                  Svetlana Dodoncho (Ukraine)
                  Anna Domoroslova (Ukraine-Czech Republic)
                  Lyudmila Dribna (Ukraine)
                  Valentin Dudarchuk (USA)
                  Tatiana Dudarchuk (USA)
                  Vladimir Dudko (Ukraine)
                  Demyan Dumenko (Ukraine)
                  V.E. Dutko (Ukraine)
                  Halyna Eryomina (Ukraine)
                  Boris Yeghiazaryan (Ukraine)
                  Alexander Eremenko (USA)
                  Ksenia Erofeeva (Ukraine)
                  Gennady Efimenko (Ukraine)
                  Yulia Zharikova (Ukraine)
                  Bogdan Zharov (Ukraine)
                  Alexander Zheleznyak (Ukraine)
                  Oksana Zhenzhera (Ukraine)
                  Olga Zhmudovska (Ukraine)
                  Ivan Zhubil (Ukraine)
                  Eugene Zhigunov (Belarus)
                  Vladimir Zavgorodniy (Ukraine)
                  Eugenia Zaverach (Ukraine)
                  Andrey Zagdansky (USA-Ukraine)
                  Dmytro Zagorodniuk (Ukraine)
                  Halyna Zadorovska (Ukraine)
                  Victoria Zakorko (Ukraine)
                  Tatiana Zerova (Ukraine)
                  Eugene Zolotarev (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Zubar (Ukraine)
                  Lyudmila Zubchenko (Ukraine)
                  Valentina Zomko (Ukraine)
                  Adriy Ivanets (Ukraine)
                  Elena Ivanova (Ukraine)
                  Yuriy Ivakhnenko (Ukraine)
                  Oles Ilchenko (Switzerland)
                  Larisa Ilyashenko (Ukraine)
                  Georgy Iovytsia (Ukraine)
                  Olesya Isayuk (Ukraine)
                  Tatiana Kalita (Ukraine)
                  Julia Kanigina (Ukraine)
                  Evgenia Kanisheva (Ukraine)
                  Tatiana Kantsedailo (Ukraine)
                  Julia Kartashova (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Kachur (Ukraine)
                  Serhiy Kvit (Ukraine)
                  Dmitry Kildeev (Ukraine)
                  Tatiana Klinchenko (Ukraine)
                  Oksana Klimchuk (Ukraine)
                  Diana Klochko (Ukraine)
                  Elena Knyazeva (Ukraine)
                  Sergey Kovalenas (Ukraine)
                  Nina Koval (Ukraine)
                  Valentina Kowalska (Ukraine)
                  Vsevolod Kovtun (Ukraine)
                  Tatiana Kozakova (Israel)
                  Elena Kozlova (Ukraine)
                  Victoria Kolesnikova (Ukraine)
                  Lesya Kolomiets (Ukraine)
                  Tatiana Kondratenko (Ukraine)
                  Lyudmila Kondrachuk (Ukraine)
                  Taras Kononenko (Ukraine)
                  Anzhelika Kornienko (Ukraine)
                  Bogdan Korol (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Kostrytsia (Ukraine)
                  Iryna Kostyuk (Ukraine)
                  Vladlen Kostyukovsky (Estonia)
                  Sergey Kot (Ukraine)
                  Alexander Kocherga (Ukraine)
                  Elena Kravchenko (Ukraine)
                  Lyudmila Kryzhanovska (Ukraine)
                  Maria Kryt (Ukraine)
                  Tetyana Krytenko (Ukraine)
                  Mykhailo Kryshtal (Ukraine)
                  Victor Krupina (Ukraine)
                  Olga Kuznetsova(Yurchenko) (Ukraine)
                  Svetlana Kuzmina (Ukraine)
                  Yana Kurchenko (Ukraine)
                  Vadim Lanovy (Ukraine)
                  Eugene Lapin (Ukraine)
                  Boris Lebeda (Ukraine)
                  Tatiana Lebedeva (Ukraine)
                  Vladislav Lebedinets (Ukraine)
                  Elena Levzhinskaya (Ukraine)
                  Roman Lenchovsky (Ukraine)
                  Anna Lenchovska (Ukraine)
                  Lyuba Lesiv-Ivanova (USA)
                  Oksana Lesniak (Ukraine)
                  Olga Lidovska (Ukraine)
                  Tatiana Lipskaya (Ukraine)
                  Lesya Lysenko (Ukraine)
                  Alexander Lysenko (Ukraine)
                  Victor Litvinenko (Ukraine)
                  Olena Lisovska (Ukraine)
                  Igor Litachevsky (Ukraine)
                  Vadim Loktev (Ukraine)
                  Volodymyr Lukyanyuk (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Lukovska (Ukraine)
                  Alexey Lunev (Ukraine)
                  Anastasia Lyubarska (Ukraine)
                  Petro Lyubenko (Ukraine)
                  Yulia Lyubenko (Ukraine)
                  Oleksiy Lyubetsky (Ukraine)
                  Elena Lyukina (Ukraine)
                  Sergey Mazurash (Ukraine)
                  Dalia Makarova (Ukraine)
                  Alexander Malikov (Ukraine)
                  Georgy Manchulenko (Ukraine)
                  Myroslav Marynovych (Ukraine)
                  Nadiya Markova (Ukraine)
                  Mykhailo Martynenko (Ukraine)
                  Sergey Martsinko (Ukraine)
                  Elena Mateusz (Switzerland)
                  Victoria Matusevych (Ukraine)
                  Alexander Medvedev (Ukraine)
                  Victor Myslyvets (Ukraine)
                  Olga Mykhaylenko (Ukraine)
                  Olga Milyukhina (Ukraine)
                  Svetlana Mitsay (Ukraine)
                  Lydia Mishchuk (Ukraine)
                  Vladimir Morenets (Ukraine)
                  Irina Moskalenko (Ukraine)
                  Pavlo Moskalenko (Ukraine)
                  Myroslav Mosyuk (Ukraine)
                  Lyudmila Mokhonko (Ukraine)
                  Elena Mustafina (Ukraine)
                  Mykhailo Nazarenko (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Nalyvayko (Ukraine)
                  Sergey Narayevsky (Ukraine)
                  Bogdan Nosalik (Ukraine)
                  Alexander Nosarev (Ukraine)
                  Vitaly Obrevko (Ukraine)
                  Alexander Ovchinnikov (Ukraine)
                  Svetlana Ovchinnikova (Ukraine)
                  Petro Odnorog (Ukraine)
                  Elena Oksanich (Ukraine)
                  Svetlana Oleynik (Ukraine)
                  Svitlana Oleksienko (Ukraine)
                  Vasyl Oleksyuk (Israel)
                  Yurko Olkhovych-Novosadyuk (Ukraine)
                  Vyacheslav Omelchenko (Ukraine)
                  Valery Onyshko (Ukraine)
                  Lesya Onyshko (Ukraine)
                  Anna Osipchuk (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Ostrikova (Ukraine)
                  Alla Otruba (Ukraine)
                  Vera Pavlyuk (Ukraine)
                  Olexiy Panych (Ukraine)
                  Nazar Papka (Ukraine)
                  Mykola Parashchak (Ukraine)
                  Alexander Parkhomenko (Ukraine)
                  Olga Parkhomenko (Ukraine)
                  Vitaliy Pashinsky (Ukraine)
                  Galina Pereverziy (Ukraine)
                  Maria Pereima (Ukraine)
                  Marianna Perepelytsina (Ukraine)
                  Iryna Petrenko (Ukraine)
                  Svetlana Petrova (Ukraine)
                  Mykola Pinchuk (Ukraine)
                  Svetlana Piddubna (Ukraine)
                  Halyna Pidnebesna (Ukraine)
                  Victoria Platonova (Ukraine)
                  Elena Pogonchenkova (Ukraine)
                  Nadiya Poletskykh (Ukraine)
                  Zoryan Popadyuk (Ukraine)
                  Eugene Poplavsky (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Popova (Ukraine)
                  Tamara Popova (Ukraine)
                  Dmytro Potapenko (Ukraine)
                  Sergey Potapov (Ukraine)
                  Dmytro Potekhin (Ukraine)
                  Bogdan Prah (Ukraine)
                  Daria Primakova (Ukraine)
                  Oleg Prontenko (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Proskura (USA)
                  Ivan Pryadko (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Pustova (Ukraine)
                  Artem Remizovsky (Ukraine)
                  Oleksandra Reshotko (Ukraine)
                  Orest Rybak (Ukraine)
                  Svetlana Ryzhikova (Ukraine)
                  Iryna Rymar (Ukraine)
                  Alexander Rymar (Ukraine)
                  Oleg Rynda (Ukraine)
                  Maria Riss (Ukraine)
                  Matthias Richter (Germany)
                  Elena Rogovenko (Ukraine)
                  Victoria Rogozhina (Ukraine)
                  Leonid Romanov (Spain)
                  Kateryna Romanova (Ukraine)
                  Larisa Rudenko (Ukraine)
                  Sergey Ryabchenko (Ukraine)
                  Mykola Ryabchuk (Ukraine)
                  Anna Savenko (Canada)
                  Natalia Savinova (Ukraine)
                  Sergey Savchenko (Ukraine)
                  Maria Salko (Germany)
                  Tatiana Sebta (Ukraine)
                  Alexander Severin (Ukraine)
                  Vladimir Selivanenko (Ukraine)
                  Igor Semivolos (Ukraine)
                  Olga Semivolos (Ukraine)
                  Andriy Semydidko (Ukraine)
                  Iryna Serbul (Ukraine)
                  Vadim Sidorov (Ukraine)
                  Andriy Synyavsky (Ukraine)
                  Elena Sigova (Ukraine)
                  Oleg Sinelnikov (Ukraine)
                  Oleksiy Sinchenko (Ukraine)
                  Konstantin Sirin (Ukraine)
                  Larisa Sitko (Ukraine)
                  Alexander Skipalsky (Ukraine)
                  Oleksiy Skoryk (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Skrypets (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Skulbashevska (Ukraine)
                  Pavlo Slavynsky (Ukraine)
                  Eugene Slezenok (Ukraine)
                  Vladislav Slyusarev (Ukraine)
                  Lyudmila Smal (Ukraine)
                  Alexey Sobolev (Ukraine)
                  Ludmila Sokolska (Germany)
                  Svitlana Sokurenko (Ukraine)
                  Laura Soroka (USA)
                  Alexander Soroka (USA)
                  Elena Sotnikova (Ukraine)
                  Oleg Sokhatsky (Ukraine)
                  Tamara Stavniychuk (Ukraine)
                  Volodymyr Staryk (Ukraine)
                  Irina Starovoida (Ukraine)
                  Nadiya Starodubtseva (Ukraine)
                  Olena Starchenko (Ukraine)
                  Alexey Stepanovsky (Ukraine)
                  Stanislav Stepanchuk (Ukraine)
                  Maria Stepchenko (Ukraine)
                  Zoya Sterekhova (Ukraine)
                  Svetlana Strebkova (Ukraine)
                  Lyubov Stretovych (Ukraine)
                  Elena Stupak (Ukraine)
                  Oleg Stupakov (Ukraine)
                  Alla Suprun (Ukraine)
                  Irina Sukhorebra
                  Vladimir Sushchenko (Ukraine)
                  Oleg Tabun (Ukraine)
                  Victoria Taranova (Canada)
                  Lyudmila Tarasenko (Ukraine)
                  Petro Tatarin (Ukraine)
                  Artemy Teodorovich (Ukraine)
                  Yulia Tishchenko (Ukraine)
                  Ingvar Titus
                  Tatiana Tkalenko (Ukraine)
                  Valentin Tkach (Ukraine)
                  Valentina Tkach (Ukraine)
                  Irina Tkachenko (Ukraine)
                  Nina Tkachenko (Ukraine)
                  Larysa Toporovska (Ukraine)
                  Valentin Torba (Ukraine)
                  Dmytro Trygub (Ukraine)
                  Sergey Trofimov (Ukraine)
                  Tamara Trofimishina (Ukraine)
                  Svitlana Utevska (Ukraine)
                  Alina Farafonova (Ukraine)
                  Anton Khanenko (Ukraine)
                  Alexander Khara (Ukraine)
                  Svitlana Kharchenko (Ukraine)
                  Elena Khomenko (Ukraine)
                  Tatiana Khorunzha (Ukraine)
                  Artem Khorunzhiy (Ukraine)
                  Neonilla Tsibriy (Ukraine)
                  Lev Chaban (USA)
                  Irina Chepkova (Ukraine)
                  Bogdan Chervak ​​(Ukraine)
                  Anastasia Cherednichenko (Ukraine)
                  Anatoliy Chernobay (Ukraine)
                  Oleg Chernyak (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Chmil (Ukraine)
                  Olga Shapkina (Ukraine)
                  Andriy Shapoval (Ukraine)
                  Valentina Shevtsova-Voloshina (Ukraine)
                  Alfiya Shevchenko (Ukraine)
                  Mykhailo Shevchenko (Ukraine)
                  Alexander Shevchenko (Ukraine)
                  Oleg Shelyuk (Ukraine)
                  Irina Shipilova (Ukraine)
                  Alexander Shirshin (Ukraine)
                  Volodymyr Shklyaruk (Ukraine)
                  Natalia Shkneeva (Australia)
                  Margarita Shkolyarenko (Ukraine)
                  Olga Shumeiko (Canada)
                  Orest Shumelyak (Ukraine)
                  Anna Shustina (Ukraine)
                  Oleksandra Shukhevych (Ukraine)
                  Yuriy Shukhevych (Ukraine)
                  Andriy Shchehelsky
                  Maria Shcherbina (Ukraine)
                  Eugenia Yurashchyk (Ukraine)
                  Oksana Yurkova (Ukraine)
                  Ivan Yurchenko (Ukraine)
                  Tatiana Yushkevich (Ukraine)
                  Ioanna Jagla-Gotynchan (Ukraine)
                  Iryna Yakobchuk (Ukraine)
                  Anatoly Yakubov (Ukraine)
                  Lyubov Yakubovych (Ukraine)
                  Lyudmila Yanyuk (Ukraine)
                  Yaroslav Yatskiv (Ukraine)