EAJC Secretary General Meets With Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
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                  EAJC Secretary General Meets With Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

                  EAJC Secretary General Meets With Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

                  11.04.2014, Russia

                  On April 10, 2014, a discussion between the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress Secretary General Michael Chlenov and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation on the Near East Mikhail Bogdanov.

                  The cause for the meeting was a letter sent by Bogdanov to Chlenov on the situation in Ukraine. Particularly, the letter reads: “We know well the EAJC’s principled stand in favor of respect and full observance of fundamental human rights and liberties, its adherence to universal human values. This is why we are counting on the leadership of the Congress to use their potent authority in contact with official representatives of Israel, civil activists, and religious figures to inform them all about the objective situation in Ukraine and of the real status of the Ukrainian Jewish community in our neighboring state. Ukrainian Jews certainly require that kind of support.”

                  Michael Chlenov informed the MFA RF Deputy Minister of Michael Chlenov being elected to the post of EAJC President. In the discussion of the events that have taken place over the last several months and the reaction of the Jewish world to them, Michael Chlenov showed Bogdanov his official statements on the situation in Ukraine that were published in the EAJC’s name. “Ukrainian Jews have differing views on what is happening, while we, as an organization that unites the communities of two continents, are trying to work out a coordinated position,” Chlenov said. “Today, the discussion of the situation concerning the Ukrainian Jewish community has become international. In early April it was discussed at the Executive Committee of the World Jewish Congress, which represents the absolute majority of Jewish communities around the world.”
                  The EAJC Secretary General showed Bogdanov the resolution of the Paris session of the WJC Executive Committee on the situation surrounding the Jewish community of Ukraine. After noting the thought-out and reserved tone of the resolution, he stressed that it shows the consolidated position of the global Jewish community. “The EAJC prepared a resolution of our own but readily took it out of the discussion, as the WJC document, which is quite objective, in no way contradicts our own position on what is happening,” the EAJC Secretary General noted.

                  Possible Jewish emigration from Russia and Ukraine in light of the current events was also discussed. At the end of the meeting, the participants noted the importance of keeping up regular working contacts and exchanging information.