Jewish Family Camp-Seminar Ends Session in Kazakhstan
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                  Jewish Family Camp-Seminar Ends Session in Kazakhstan

                  Jewish Family Camp-Seminar Ends Session in Kazakhstan

                  15.08.2014, Jewish Communities

                  The International Jewish Youth Camp Seminar “My Family in the History of the Jews” ended its work in Kazakhstan. The camp was organized by the Jewish community of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is a part of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.

                  The unique Jewish camp-seminar gathered over 200 people near the Kapchagai water reservoir, including 54 young families from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Russia.

                  A mini-club for children under 10 worked at the camp, providing games, competitions, creative activities, and sports. The children solved puzzles, caught fish, had archery competitions, and watched cartoons, all the while learning about the history of the Jewish people in a captivating manner. The councillors helped engage the children in creative work: they made clay figures for historical scenes, drew a hamsa - a protective amulet, built paper synagogues.

                  Meanwhile, the adults had been engaged in an exciting program that helped them learn about the historical heritage of the Jews. The progam involved a multitude of activities, such as a quest, letures, roleplaying games, and trivia games.

                  Most of the activities in the camp were organized by the madrichim - the camp’s councillors. As the Chairman of the Mitzvah Association of Jewish Communities of Kazakhstan Council, EAJC Presidium member Alexander Baron noted: “The young leaders of the Jewish communty of Kazakhstan gave an admirable demonstration of their best qualities and talents, especially for leadership.” Alexander Baron believes that “the active involvement of youths into community projects in the capacity of organizators is an important step towards the building of a modern community that responds adequately to the needs of its members. Moreover, the young generation was able to experience familial communication, which is a vital experience in the modern world, where new technologies have often been replacing priceless time together for parents and children alike.”

                  Baron stresses: “This project is an invaluable contribution to the support and development of Jewish family values, of the family as the basis of any Jewish community, and helps young people learn the history of Israel, the development of family relationships in different historical eras, and teaches young families the basics of a healthy lifestyle.”