EAJC Secretary General on Extremist Incident at Makarevich Concert
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                  EAJC Secretary General on Extremist Incident at Makarevich Concert

                  Andrei Makarevich

                  EAJC Secretary General on Extremist Incident at Makarevich Concert

                  29.09.2014, Russia

                  First of all, on behalf of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC) I would like to express our absolute condemnation of the extremists’ actions at the concert of Andrei Makarevich, which was talking place at the Moscow House of Music and was timed to the Jewish New Year. Obviously, the use of pepper spray at the celebration belied how certain fringe groups see the singer’s political and civil position. It is quite understandable that emotions run quite highly in Russian society in connection to Ukrainian events; nonetheless, we see any violent acts in a political context as absolutely abhorrent and inadmissible for civilized society. People who are not in any way part of the political discussion are often among the victims in such incidents. I would like to remind everyone that the Russian Jewish community, whose members made up the bulk of the audience at the “Yiddish Jazz” concert, is in no way a part of the conflict in the South and East of Ukraine, as well as of any incidents surrounding it.

                  The police determined the offense to fall into the category of “hooliganism.” But I would like to note once again that the despicable incident took place at a concert dedicated to one of the chief Jewish holidays - Rosh Hashhana, and this is not likely to be a mere coincidence. Such incidents harm inter-ethnic peace and concord in Russia, and provoke more violence on an ethnic basis. I am certain that the nationalistic element of the extremists’ attack must not pass unnoticed by the law enforcement authorities.

                  I would like to hope that the perpetrators and masterminds of this revolting attack will be found and punished with the full strictness of the law and as soon as possible. If this does not come to pass, next time the extremists, who had no qualms as to endangering the health of dozens of people, might do far worse.

                  Michael Chlenov
                  EAJC Secretary General