Montenegro Jewish Community Opens Library
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                  Montenegro Jewish Community Opens Library

                  Montenegro Jewish Community Opens Library

                  03.06.2015, Jewish Communities

                  The Jewish community in Montenegro has opened its own library in Podgorica. It is named in honor of Dr. Albert Weiss (1905-1964), who was a distinguished Yugoslav jurist, a prisoner of the Nazis, a member of the Yugoslav delegation at the Nuremberg trial, President of the Yugoslav federation of Jewish communities.

                  President of the Jewish community in Montenegro, Euro-Asian Jewish Congress General Council member Jasa Alfandari, the newly-appointed Vice President Elena Djurovic, and library head Ljiljana Vukovic all addressed the attendees.

                  Alfandari thanked all those who helped to create the library. Djurovic said that the figure and work of Dr. Albert Weiss sum up every principle by which the Jewish community in Montenegro lives, particularly a strong and unequivocal anti-fascism, as well as Jewish activism.
                  "Albert Weiss's unbrekable spirit and fortitude are the reasons that we have named our library after him. In the whirlpool of regional revisionism we must cultivate the memory of those who protected humanistic values during World War II, we need to remind people of what Fascism and Nazism were," Djurovic stressed.

                  The library has a reading room equipped with computers and copiers. To date, the library has about 2,000 books, largely devoted to Jewish tradition, history and culture, art works of Jewish authors, as well as literature on legal issues, economics and philosophy. In addition, the library offers more than 3,000 books in electronic format.