“Sources of Tolerance - 2016” Camp Opens in Georgia
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                  “Sources of Tolerance - 2016” Camp Opens in Georgia

                  “Sources of Tolerance - 2016” Camp Opens in Georgia

                  22.08.2016, Region

                  The opening ceremony for the “Sources of Tolerance - Caucasus - 2016” camp was held at Atskuri, Georgia, on August 21, 2016. 61 child from Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, and Russia, representing the Azerbaijani, Ukrainian, Osetian, Yezidi, Georgian, Russia, Romani and Armenian communities, came to the 2016 camp. 26 educators and camp workers happily greeted the children, let them settle in, and provided a veritable feast comprising of Caucasian dishes.

                  At the evening opening ceremony, the children were Argonauts whose ship had moored at a pirate island. The children were able to find a common language with the pirates throug songs, dances, poetry and dialogue, as well as with the help of Poseidon, ruler of the sea. In the end, the children invited the pirates to study tolerance in their multi-ethnic collective.

                  The camp will be held with the financial and educational support of the Kyiv office of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress and the Congress of National Communities of Ukraine.