Moses Truskinovsky Necrologue
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                  Moses Truskinovsky Necrologue

                  Moses Truskinovsky Necrologue

                  15.08.2016, Jewish Communities

                  It is with great sadness that the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress must announce the passing of Moses Truskinovsky, who had done much for the restoration of Jewish community and cultural life in the former USSR. He died aged 82 in Plymouth (USA).

                  Moses Truskinovsky was born in Riga, in 1934. He was a scientist who took an active part in the Moscow branch of the Independent Jewish Movement in the late 1980s. From 1986 to 1990 he was part of the editorial committee of the “Informational Bulletin on Repatriation and Jewish Culture,” in the position of Deputy Editor-in-Chief. He was in the organizational committee on the creation of the first Jewish public library in the USSR, the Yuri Sokol library, which opened its doors in Moscow, in September 1987. Truskinovsky was also a member of the group which was in charge of organizing the important pan-Soviet panel discussion on probles of Soviet Jewry, which took place in Riga, in May 1989.

                  The leaders of the EAJC, Moses’ former colleagues in the Independent Jewish Movement extend their deepest condolences to Alice, the wife of the deceased, as well as his children and grandchildren.