Moscow: Subsidized Jewish Pharmacy for the Needy and Elderly
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                  Moscow: Subsidized Jewish Pharmacy for the Needy and Elderly

                  Photo by Levi Nazarov

                  Moscow: Subsidized Jewish Pharmacy for the Needy and Elderly

                  19.12.2018, Jewish Communities

                  In a modest yet impressive ceremony, a new pharmacy was opened under the approval of the Russian Ministry of Health. This pharmacy is unique in that it will provide subsidized medication to large families, senior citizens and the indigent. It constitutes a breakthrough in the special idea of benefitting the general public, by providing life-saving medicines.

                  The pharmacy is located in the Rambam Medical Center which is adjacent to and run by the “Shaarey Tzedek Jewish Chesed Center” in the Marina Roscha neighborhood of Moscow. It is another facet in the large network of programs and projects serving thousands of people on a daily basis through hundreds of devoted employees.

                  The official opening ceremony was held on the auspicious last day of Chanuka. The Mezuzah was affixed by the project’s initiator and founder, Chief Rabbi of Russia Rabbi Berel Lazar and the sponsor Mr. Yitzchak Risus. In attendance were also the senior staff of the medical department headed by Mrs. Miriam Barenbaum.

                  At the conclusion of the moving ceremony, during which the donor was awarded a gift on behalf of the Jewish Chesed Center, a tour was conducted of the Medical Center. Its facilities span over six thousand square meters which are all dedicated to helping and assisting Moscow’s Jews who are in need. For close to eighteen years it has served as a beacon of light, providing medical assistance in thousands of cases.