US Delegation Visits Azerbaijan Jewish Community
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                  US Delegation Visits Azerbaijan Jewish Community

                  US Delegation Visits Azerbaijan Jewish Community

                  22.03.2019, Jewish Communities

                  FJC’s Jewish community of Azerbaijan hosted a delegation from the American Ethnic Understanding Foundation last week, headed by the fund’s president Rabbi Mark Shnayer.

                  The delegation toured the community’s educational and public institutions and met with the country’s top political figures including Azerbaijan’s President, Mr. Ilham Aliyev.

                  “Azerbaijan is a country that sets the plank for constructive interfaith and intercultural dialogue,” noted delegation members during the meeting with the officials. “Azerbaijan is a country where people of different religions and races live peacefully side by side,” stated President Aliyev in his turn at the meeting.

                  The delegation members came to FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ school and kindergarten in Baku, Azerbaijan, as part of the visit, meeting with students and community members. “The richness of Jewish life in this predominantly Muslim country is a tell-tale sign of tolerance and of its leadership and people. We hope that Jewish life here continues to develop and flourish,” said the guests during the visit.