JCU holding first International Jewish Conference in Kyiv
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                  JCU holding first International Jewish Conference in Kyiv

                  JCU holding first International Jewish Conference in Kyiv

                  05.04.2019, Ukraine

                  Jewish Confederation of Ukraine is holding the Kyiv Jewish Forum on May 5-7 – the first major international Jewish conference in Kyiv. We have invited the key leaders of the Jewish world, and the list keeps growing. We will discuss the most relevant issues at the forum – growth of anti-Semitism, protection of the national minorities rights, relations between Ukraine and Israel, importance and methods of preserving historical memory and cultural identity, security of the Jewish communities and a lot more.

                  JCU is planning to make the conference an annual international event.

                  «Ukraine occupies a very important place in the history of the Jewish people. It was here, where most of the Jews in our part of the world lived; Hasidism originated here; the key events of modern Jewish history took place here. And we, the Ukrainian Jews, must do everything possible for Ukraine to take its rightful place in the modern international Jewish community», — said Boris Lozhkin, JCU President.

                  You can read more about the forum and its program, as well as apply for registration via the link.