Graffiti targeting Jews painted on Georgia chuch
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                  Graffiti targeting Jews painted on Georgia chuch

                  Photo by Paula Bienenfeld (@PBienenfeld)

                  Graffiti targeting Jews painted on Georgia chuch


                  A Georgia church was vandalized with messages targeting the Jewish community.

                  The Unitarian Universalist Church of Augusta said Monday that it would leave the graffiti — a crossed-out Star of David and the words “God will not be mocked” — on the building for at least a week, the local CBS affiliate WRDW reported.

                  “It’s important for the people of our community to know that this exists, to take a stand,” said its president, Andy Reese.

                  Reese told the Augusta Chronicle that the church has previously received bomb threats after working on special projects with the Jewish community. He said it is the first time that the building has been vandalized..

                  The Chronicle reported that the graffiti was painted on the building after a church event that ended late Saturday night and before services on Sunday morning.

                  Georgia is one of four states that does not have a hate crimes law.