Israel thanks Ukraine for evacuation of their citizens from China
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                  Israel thanks Ukraine for evacuation of their citizens from China

                  Israel thanks Ukraine for evacuation of their citizens from China

                  21.02.2020, Ukraine

                  Israel and Argentina thanked Ukraine for the evacuation of their citizens from China as the embassies of the countries reported.

                  Israel stated that one citizen was evacuated from China.

                  “Israel highly appreciates the efforts of the Ukrainian government in evacuating Israeli citizen Tomer Zvulun from Wuhan. This is yet another example of the strong relations between our countries,” the embassy stated.

                  Besides, eight citizens of Argentina were evacuated.

                  “They will stay there in quarantine for two weeks under strict security measures in the healthcare sphere and they will pass periodic medical and epidemiological control and it is confirmed by the Ukrainian authority,” the Embassy of Argentina reported.

                  It is specified that the evacuated foreigners do not have symptoms of coronavirus.

                  45 Ukrainians and 27 citizens of Argentina were evacuated from Chinese city Wuhan.

                  On February 20, the Boeing 737-800 landed in Kharkiv city. It carried the Ukrainians who were evacuated from China so as to save them from the raging coronavirus. According to Ukraine's Healthcare Ministry, none of the passengers were sick or showed any symptoms of the disease. The Interior Ministry decided that the citizens will be put on the quarantine in Novi Sanzhary, Poltava region, central Ukraine.

                  That evening, the buses with the evacuated passengers reached Novi Sanzhary; the enraged locals pelted them with stones, protesting against the decision to accommodate the people there. They also set a fire and tried to block the road to the sanitarium, but the police didn't let them.